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Make your management systems profitable

Click-N-Manage® is a multi-site, multi-model and multi-standard cloud platform to make your ISO management systems profitable. Resolutely collaborative, offering role-based access to the various descriptive elements of the life of your organization, it is very intuitive and greatly facilitates compliance with standards and regulations while optimizing communication and reducing the administrative burden resulting from the updates of your organizational system.

Flexible and User-friendly

Click-N-Manage® offers a flexible and collaborative platform to secure and develop the know-how of your teams.

High security

Deployed in SaaS mode on ultra secure servers or through a private cloud, Click-N-Manage® ensures a high level of compliance with your deployment requirements.

Who are we ?

Challenge Optimum S.A., established in Geneva in 1994, helps you level your management systems according to any kind of requirements, including the construction, operation and long term optimization of your organization.

Our consultants all hold a post-graduate scientific diploma (M. Eng. Or PhD) from recognized universities (McGill, UJF, EPFL, Telecom Paris’Tech, INPG) with between 15 and 40 years of experience at all levels of responsibility in companies in Switzerland and abroad

Our company is ISO and EDUQUA certified (Swiss standard for quality management in training institutions). Our training courses are accredited by ISAS

Our company has advised and prepared for certification more than 800 public and private institutions, of all sizes and in a wide variety of fields of activity worldwide.

Over 25 years
of experience

Our consultants all own a post-grad engineering degree and benefit from at least 20 years of experience in every job position in both Swiss and foreign institutions.








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Our team

Our consultants all own a post grad scientific degree (M. Eng. ou PhD) from reknown universities (McGill, UJF, EPFL, Telecom Paris’Tech, INPG) with at least 20 years of experience at various job positions in coporate industries both in Switzerland and abroad.

Our services

Describe your corporate operations

Your corporate operations described and understood by everyone

Stakeholders, requirements, objectives, risks, procedures, processes, tasks, roles, responsibilities (RACI), documents, controls, indicators, assets, qualifications, improvement actions, job descriptions, personal reports.

Secure your corporate operations

Your corporate resources mapped and secured

Highlighting of critical tasks and controls, description of the RACI, definition of the backup plan, mapping of assets and dependency links between critical assets, mobile management and implementation of decision making circuits, business continuity plan, status report of on-going projects in real time.

Optimize your corporate operations

Detect anomalies and implement improvement plans

Non-conformities, improvement actions, internal audits, performance measurement, management review, involvement of employees in the continuous improvement process, skills development: qualitative and quantitative definition of skills required in workplaces, monitor the development of employee skills, management of asset controls, monitor relationships with stakeholders vital to the operation of your organization.


Our scope of activity

Air navigation

We anticipate the risks associated with the replacement or setting of new infrastructures, facilities or buildings. We help Facilities Management specialists to identify, assess and control the risks associated with their projects. Target certifications: ISO 9001, 22301.

IT- Information Technology

Our customers use Click-N-Manage to ensure business continuity according to the requirements of ISO 22301 and to ensure compliance with the 114 checkpoints of ISO 27001.

Industry - Manufacturing

We use Click-N-Manage to describe and secure internal operations based on procedures and ad-hoc operational documents to control the risks associated with the design and development of new products. Target certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE marking.

Public administration

Public organizations describe and optimize their internal control system as well as their internal operations for greater transparency and to ensure continuity through various legislatures.

International trade operations

High added value organizations strongly involved in the digitalization of import / export formalities have chosen ISO 9001 to ensure the transparency of their internal operations and to rationalize their resources for the benefit of their customers. Click-N-Manage is the key tool to take up this challenge.

International organizations

These customers have chosen ISO 9001 and Click-N-Manage to optimize the added value for their members. Targeted result: high added value services produced through an efficient organization.

Charitable and educational organizations

These organizations must constantly demonstrate the proper use of funds entrusted to them by increasingly demanding donors or granting agencies. Click-N-Manage makes their operations transparent while facilitating the integration of new employees or volunteers.

Media companies

Dozens of media have chosen the ISAS MEDIA 9001 certification to have their editorial independence and ability to offer their audiences subjects of general interest recognized. The Click-N-Manage software is useful to ensure the consistency of the management system, to support job changes and to control the quality of broadcast content .

How can I get started ?

The check-up is an opportunity to clarify the positioning of your organization in within its business context:
We aspire to involve each and every member of your management team in intensive workshops (2 days) to map your stakeholders, their requirements, your strategic objectives, define the risks to which your organization is exposed, the functional chart, the process diagram, the performance monitoring dashboard and decision-making diagram.
You will then get a helicopter view of the operations of your organization and a very precise roadmap to describe the roles and responsibilities of each and every person within your organization.

In this phase, we outline how to achieve the predefined objectives in the previous check-up phase.
Click-N-Manage allows you to document the tasks, roles and responsibilities of each and every person, as well as the documents controlled in the form of a RACI. The platform also makes it possible to highlight the critical tasks and controls in order to secure each key step in the value creation chain. A personalized functional description is automatically generated by the application based on the procedures described.
The software also allows you to list the resources that your employees need (software, installations, tools, skills) in a centralized management dashboard and ensure their compliance at all times.

Continuous improvement is implemented through a mobile application able to report in real time suggestions for improvements and anomalies from authorized persons by attaching pieces of evidence of their observations (photos or documents).
The hierarchical levels necessary for decision-making are automatically notified of the decisions to be taken. Every notified manager has an overview of pending decisions on his smartphone and can comment, modify or complete the elements of the declaration form. The history of changes is automatically saved and can be viewed by the authorized persons.


Click-N-Manage® describes, secures and optimizes your corporate operations in full compliance with ISO standards.

Our clients

Place de Cornavin 7, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Avenue d’Evian 2, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

Non-conformities & Actions plan

Managers can be notified of non-conformities through a mobile application according to customizable, pre-defined and automated reporting circuits. Improvement actions are monitored across the organization or in the profile of each employee involved.


Click-N-Manage allows to create as many subsidiaries as needed and select the relevant procedures to be applied to each of them.


Click-N-Manage helps you administer the management systems common or specific to several subsidiaries in your organization through dedicated management models (eg: ISO 9001 model alone vs ISO 9001/14001 model vs ISO 9001/14001/45001 model)

Single points of failure & business continuity

Click-N-Manage draws the producer to consumer relationship diagram and highlights the single points of failure, fundamental pre-requisite to the definition of the strategy to protect your most critical assets.

Performance monitoring

Target objectives and monitor and assess their progress through ad-hoc indicators positioned at key stages in the flow of value creation. Draw control and tolerance limits and detect deviations from the objectives.

Role-based access

Click-N-Manage® decentralizes the administration of your management system : the role based access defines which user groups can read or write or must not see each descriptive element of your management systems (procedures, documents, reporting circuits, etc.).

Management of job descriptions

Job descriptions are automatically derived from the descriptive elements of the management system. This is a 2 in 1 management platform: updating procedures automatically updates the associated job descriptions. The organization no longer depends on human resources and becomes sustainable, no matter the corporate turnover.

Human Resources Management

All relevant aspects related to the management system (back-up persons, qualifications about to elapse, review of documents and procedures, progress of actions in which employees are involved) are brought together in a personal monitoring panel. A personalized job description can be printed in PDF format.

Skill developpement

The qualifications required for the workstations are listed. Qualification levels defined and training plans established and followed.

Asset portfolio monitoring

Map equipment, installations, buildings and their dependency relationships.This makes it possible to visualize crisis scenarios so as to prevent the risk of business disruption.


The decision circuits are described and implemented through a mobile application making it possible to alert the competent hierarchical levels of the decisions to be made to improve the corporate operations.

Description of procedures

Click-N-Manage describes the objectives, tasks, roles and responsibilities of each person in the creation of value. All the elements contributing to the life of the company can be described through the procedures: performance monitoring indicators, non-conformities, equipment, qualifications, risks, etc. allowing different and complementary viewpoints of the organizational system and opportunities to improve it.

Risk management - Internal control system

Hazards and undesirable situations are mapped and placed under the control of procedures, qualifications, equipment and / or automatic monitoring reports. The risk management module makes your internal control system (ICS) transparent.

Compliance monitoring

The Click-N-Check module allows you to view your organization's level of compliance with the regulatory or voluntary requirements with which your organization must comply. As a multi-standard platform, Click-N-Manage provides you with a compliance report by standard or regulation (eg: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, RGPD-GDPR, etc.) and also helps keep stakeholder requirements up to date.

Management of relations with stakeholders

Document and follow the evolution of the relationship with the stakeholders vital to the operation of your organization. You can choose the evaluation criteria and record the history of relationships while monitoring the improvements agreed upon with your stakeholders.

Non-conformités & plans d’actions

Les non-conformités peuvent être notifiées à travers une application mobile aux managers selon des circuits de reporting pré-établis et automatisés. Les actions d'amélioration sont suivies transversalement à l'organisation ou dans le profil de chaque collaborateur impliqué.


Click-N-Manage permet de créer des filiales et de sélectionner les procédures applicables à chacune des filiales concernées.


La plateforme permet d’administrer les systèmes de management communs à plusieurs filiales à travers des modèles de management (ex: modèle ISO 9001 seul vs modèle ISO 9001/14001 vs modèle ISO 9001/14001/45001)

Points uniques de défaillance & Continuité d'activité

Click-N-Manage permet de visualiser les liens de dépendance de type « Producteur-Consommateur » et met en évidence les points uniques de défaillance, prérequis à toute stratégie de protection de vos actifs les plus critiques.

Suivi de performance

Les objectifs sont ciblés et l'évaluation de leur atteinte suivie à travers des indicateurs ad-hoc, positionnés aux étapes clés dans le flux de création de valeur. Des limites de contrôle et de tolérance peuvent être tracées et détecter les dérives par rapport aux objectifs.

Accès par rôles

Click-N-Manage® permet une gestion collaborative et décentralisée du système de management à travers une gestion des droits d’accès par rôles aux éléments descriptifs des systèmes de management (procédures, documents, circuits de reporting, …) en lecture et/ou écriture personnalisable .

Gestion des descriptifs de fonction

Les descriptifs de fonction sont automatiquement déduits des éléments descriptifs du système de management. Gestion 2 en 1: la mise à jour des procédures met automatiquement à jour les descriptifs de fonction associés. L'organisation ne dépend plus des ressources humaines et devient pérenne.

Gestion des ressources humaines

Tous les aspects pertinents relatifs au système de management (suppléants, imminence des qualifications à renouveler, de revue des documents et procédures, état d’avancement des actions dans lesquelles les collaborateurs sont impliqués) sont rassemblés dans un panneau de suivi personnel. Une fiche de poste personnalisée peut être imprimée au format PDF.

Développement des compétences

Les qualifications requises sur les postes de travail sont répertoriées. Les niveaux de qualification définis et les plans de formation établis et suivis.

Portefeuille d’actifs

Les équipements, installations, bâtiments et leur liens de dépendance sont cartographiés et permettent d'établir des scénarios de crise pour prévenir le risque de discontinuité d'activité.

Gouvernance & Prise de décision

Les circuits de décision sont décrits et mis en oeuvre à travers une application mobile permettant d'alerter les échelons hiérarchiques compétents des décisions à prendre pour améliorer le fonctionnement interne.

Description des procédures

Click-N-Manage® décrit les objectifs, tâches, rôles et responsabilités de chacun-e dans la création de valeur. Tous les éléments contribuant à la vie de l'entreprise peuvent être décrits à travers les procédures: indicateurs de suivi de la performance, non-conformités, équipements, qualifications, risques, ... autorisant des angles de vue différents et complémentaires sur le système d'organisation et les opportunités de l'améliorer.

Gestion des risques - SCI

Les dangers et situations indésirables sont cartographiés et mis sous contrôle de procédures, de qualifications, d'équipements et/ou de rapport de monitoring automatiques. Le module de gestion des risques rend transparent votre système de contrôle interne (SCI).

Suivi de conformité

Le module Click-N-Check permet de visualiser le niveau de conformité de votre organisation aux exigences de nature réglementaire ou volontaire auxquelles votre établissement doit se conformer. Multi-référentiels, Click-N-Manage® vous fournit un rapport de conformité par standard ou règlement (ex: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, RGPD-GDPR, ...) et permet également de tenir à jour les exigences des parties prenantes.

Gestion des relations avec les parties prenantes

Vous pouvez documenter et suivre l’évolution de la relation avec les parties prenantes vitales au fonctionnement de votre établissement. Vous pouvez choisir les critères d’évaluation et enregistrer l’historique des relations tout en assurant le suivi des améliorations convenues avec vos parties prenantes.